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Jason is a Techstars, 500Starups, and Plug and Play Alumni having worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence since 2010. He speaks about emerging technologies, the coming transhuman era, and the future of work. Exploring patterns and trends across technology, business, and society.

Is it possible that everything will change by the time you finish reading this sentence? What if real innovation and big disruptions are happening right now in ways that might seem undetectable—right underneath your nose?


Is it possible there is an emerging consciousness, a transhuman future, just around the corner? Will there be new forms of creativity, intelligence, and progress ushered in by the rise of new technology? Will we somehow continue to survive in a world where jobs are vanishing and technology is rapidly changing the face of how we work and live?

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  • The Future of AI - What Comes after ChatGPT
  • Artificial Intelligence, AI Operations, and Business Use Cases
  • The Coming Transhuman Era 
  • The Future of Work and Education
  • Blockchain, Bitcoin, Digital Dollar, and the New Digital Economy
CFO testimonial

Shahid Chishty

International Strategic, Investment & Board Advisor | C-Suite Executive | Family Office | Mentor

Having worked with Jason on a number of startups, I have really enjoyed the teamwork and drive that Jason brings and can recommend Jason for his high levels of energy and enthusiasm, his extensive experience as well as his open, forthright nature combined with integrity. Jason excels at strategy, culture and branding as well as in his ability, through his extensive network of contacts, globally, to rapidly build and scale an effective team of highly skilled professionals.
VP Ai and data science testimonial

Stephen Moore PhD

VP of AI & Data Science

I've had the pleasure of working with Jason on a number of occasions. He always brings enthusiasm and big vision ideas to whatever project he is working on. His insight is always valuable as he has an abundance of experience from having been involved in many different startups often with ideas ahead of there time. What stands out about Jason is his passion and a truly broad range of skills across every area of technology a rare find in today's world. Jason is dedicated, methodical, very trustworthy and leads by example.
Techstars mentor testimonial

Tom Higley

Founder & CEO, X Genesis and 10.10.10. Advisory Board Member at Global Startup Studio Network. Techstars mentor.

As a TechStars mentor and serial entrepreneur, I've known some great entrepreneurs, but few of them exhibit the level of drive, focus, and energy that Jason brings to his efforts. He's smart. He's passionate. And he knows how to get things done quickly. I believe Jason is an entrepreneur with enormous potential, and I'm most happy to provide this recommendation.
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